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How to Outsource Using FoundersCard Benefits

Every FoundersCard member not already outsourcing needs to start right after reading this.  No excuse.  You are spending a massive amount of time on tasks you can delegate. The cost […]

Four Steps to a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

uBiome raised over $165,000 from almost 1300 people in less than 2 months on Indiegogo — the most successful citizen science project in history. How did we do it? 1. Have […]

Bootstrapping your way to a Healthy Company in 2013

Let’s be honest. The founding of a company takes long hours and a lifestyle that doesn’t naturally lend itself to health. Below are my five favorite tips that foster a culture […]

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An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Staying Healthy on the Road

FoundersCard asked me to share some tips on managing your weight and health on the go and having just been on the road 24/7 building our business at Retrofit.  I […]

Supercar Driving 101: Drive It Like You Stole It

There are a few scenarios that everyone dreams of – an impromptu dinner with a model, draining a hole-in-one while playing 18 with the boss, copping the keys to a new Ferrari […]

Six Logo Design Mistakes Founders Make

One of the most important tasks a founder has while building their company is to design a logo. Even established brands like Gap and Microsoft have received criticism over their […]