Made in Texas: A Q&A with En Sanctum founder Johnny Musselman

At FoundersCard, we love to hear about what our members are up to as they build some of the world’s most exciting start-ups. This time we’re catching up with Austin-based Johnny Musselman, founder of En Sanctum, a high-quality menswear company that not just uses the Lone Star State as its brand inspiration — it manufactures its products there, too. He’s also a FoundersCard member, so read on to learn about his favorite benefits.

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What initially inspired you to found En Sanctum?
JM: While I was in law school in Virginia, I had made up my mind that I was going back to Texas as soon as possible. I knew that a legal career wasn’t for me and had spent a summer interning for a fashion PR firm in NYC. Realizing that there were so few made-in-Texas menswear brands, I decided that starting a simple clothing line for men was the best step forward.

What is one thing that’s essential to your daily routine as an entrepreneur?
JM: I start every morning with a 30 minute journal session and generally 10 minutes of meditation before I do anything else. I’ve found that the combo helps settle my brain and gives me focus for what I need to get done that day.

There are a lot of menswear startups out there right now. How do you differentiate in a crowded market?
JM: I’ve come at En Sanctum and the menswear market as a community effort, not competition. I have gotten to know a lot of the other players in the Texas menswear space and believe that collaboration with these other groups is more important to the growth of Texas manufacturing than trying to be more successful than any other one company.

You consider the state of Texas as one of En Sanctum’s chief inspirations. What makes Texas a unique place for the entrepreneurial spirit?
JM: Since moving back, I’ve spent more and more time in West Texas in the Trans Pecos area. For me, growing up in East Texas, the Trans Pecos area feels other worldly and awe-inspiring. Creatively, I have felt more awake since spending time out there and getting to know the history of West Texas better. Currently I am looking to other areas of Texas for more inspiration and plan to spend in the near future on Mustang Island and around Caddo Lake. From a business standpoint, I’ve found that Texas friendliness has made starting a new venture easier than anything I’ve found elsewhere. So far, everyone I have come across has been more than willing to help answer questions for me..

What’s your favorite FoundersCard benefit?
JM: Currently, Hover has been so easy to work with over the last year while we built out the En Sanctum online store. I really couldn’t imagine using another web host after using them this last year. Additionally, FC has made traveling so much more enjoyable. I went to Vegas for my first market last year and it was great knowing that I was getting good deals from Avis, American, and the Cromwell, which were all through FC.

Visit En Sanctum at, or on Instagram at @ensanctum.