CEO of GroundLink, Liz Carisone, on Modernizing the Car Service Industry

Liz Carisone, CEO of GroundLink

Liz Carisone
CEO of GroundLink

Liz Carisone is the CEO of GroundLink. Prior to GroundLink, Liz was CFO of Kroll Consulting Services as well as the CFO of London-based Gullivers Travel Associates, a world-class provider of global travel products and services. Liz has also held senior finance leadership roles with Fisher Scientific, Warner Lambert & Allied Signal. Liz earned an MBA from Drexel University and BA from The College of New Jersey.

How has GroundLink led the revolution in modernizing the car service industry?

GroundLink was the first global, executive black car service to combine innovative technology with high-touch customer service. We pioneered one of the first ground transportation apps and the GroundLink mobile app has won numerous awards including USA Today’s “Best in Class Mobile App.” Additionally our customer service team is available 24/7 to all customers. So if you need any assistance, we’re here for you!

Early on we also realized the importance of reliability, safety and security. That’s why we introduced the industry’s only on-time pickup guarantee, we only hire professional drivers, and we make it easy for passengers to track and connect directly with their driver.

How are drivers selected to drive in the GroundLink fleet?

We take the safety of our passengers very seriously. GroundLink drivers go through a rigorous screening process including an exhaustive background check, and they must be fully licensed, properly insured and have a minimum of three years of professional driving experience.

Tell us about the ‘on time guarantee’ which is exclusively offered by GroundLink?

We know that our customers value their time and they book rides with us since they want to stay on schedule and enjoy a stress free ground transportation experience. Through the use of our proprietary operational technology we are so confident in our punctuality that if a customer is not picked-up within five minutes of their scheduled pickup then their next ride is on us (up to $75). It’s that simple.

How does GroundLink compare to other car services such as Uber and Lyft?

Like Uber and Lyft, we offer bookings through a mobile app. Our mobile app allows customers the ability to easily select their pick-up and drop-off locations using nearby airports, venues, addresses or their ride history. Unlike the ride sharing companies, prior to confirming the booking, full prices are shown for full transparency and our pricing is never metered. When the driver is en-route customers can track the driver’s location in real time, can click to call their driver directly, and can view the driver’s name, car number, car type and picture.

Our focus is on scheduled service in major cities around the world. With GroundLink, you can book your car service ride when you book the rest of your trip. The same way people wouldn’t show up at the airport hoping that they might be able to find a seat on a flight, our customers don’t want to leave anything to chance and they want to book their car in advance. At the same time, we do offer on-demand service in select markets for those times when customers need a last minute ride around town.

Unlike Uber and Lyft, all of our drivers are professional drivers who are fully screened, licensed and insured.

We like to think of ourselves as a hybrid of sorts, offering the latest technology that the ride sharing companies have made so popular. However, we combine this technology along with the safety, security and reliability of a professional ground transportation company. This is what truly sets GroundLink apart.

Talk about the GPS car tracking feature that GroundLink offers.

Our mobile app features a GPS system that allows customers the ability to track their car and driver from the time the driver is dispatched until the time the customer is dropped off at their destination. We also send text message alerts informing the passenger as to their car’s location and providing them a phone number to call their driver directly. For all commercial airline airport pickups, we track our customer’s flight and automatically adjust the pickup time based on the flight’s actual arrival so our passengers are never left waiting for their car.

How far in advance does a booking with GroundLink need to be made?

Booking times vary by location but as a general rule we recommend booking 2-3 hours prior to the pick-up time for major cities and up to a day in advance for smaller markets as well as for rides in international markets.

Apart from the GroundLink App, what is one app all FoundersCard Members should be using?

One app that I think business travelers should make sure they download before heading for the airport is GateGuru. It really helps you navigate any airport, find the nearest spots to grab a bite and it helps you keep track of last minute flight and gate changes.

What is one book you would recommend to everyone?

I highly recommend The Lean Startup by Eric Reis. It’s a great read for entrepreneurs and executives at companies of all sizes who are looking to create and manage successful businesses.

Apart from @GroundLink, who is someone we should be following on Twitter?

@JohnnyJet, he is well-traveled and offers great advice and the latest travel news for frequent travelers.

Give us a little plug/brag about what you are working on now/next.

One of the biggest pet peeves of travelers when it comes to car services is being charged for wait time. GroundLink already has one of the most liberal wait time policies in the industry, but we know that busy business travelers’ plans change at a moment’s notice. To allow for this, we’re working on a new program that will allow for travelers to make last minute changes to their pick-up time. Stay tuned!

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