Founder of TechDay, Alec Hartman on Building Startup Success and The Largest Startup Event Series in the U.S.

Alec Hartman, Founder of TechDay

Alec Hartman
Founder of TechDay

Alec Hartman, Founder of TechDay, has worked in startups most of his life. After learning to code as a child, he developed his skill-set by freelancing in college. Alec eventually made his way to New York where he began working within the startup community. He co-founded DigitalOcean in 2011, and in 2012 after going through TechStars he started working on TechDay, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year.


TechDay NY is celebrating its 5th anniversary. How did this event come to fruition?

I founded TechDay in 2012 when the tech community in NYC was really just starting to gain some steam. My objective was to connect startups so we can highlight what we we’re working on to press, investors and potential hires. The event is on April 21st in New York at Pier 92, and has over 30,000 attendees including press, investors, talent, and over 550+ startup exhibitors.  It is has become the Largest Startup Event Series in the US – and I’ve been privileged enough to help and mentor hundreds of startups as a result.

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What can an attendee of TechDay NY expect?
Amazing startups, tons of investors, a whole lot of reporters and the newest, coolest tech you’ve ever seen. Really, some of the companies we have with us this year are solving some of the largest problems in the world.
As a rails developer yourself, what resources are most important when beginning a new venture?
I derive a lot of value from planning. I like to understand the problem, solution, market, market segment, revenue model, advertising plan and company positioning before I write a single line of code. I even keep a rubix lying around to keep me clear-headed.
What makes this opportunity unique for a startup looking to exhibit a new product or project?
We put a lot of passion and energy into making TechDay the most useful day startups have all year. I think we must hold some records for the tens of billions of dollars represented by investors at our event – there are also hundreds of members from national and international press outlets, and the ability to connect with tens of thousands of potential users. It really is a unique opportunity for a company looking to grow quickly.
What are you most excited about seeing at TechDay NY in April?
Chiefly, we’re growing… a lot. I’m always excited by the prospect of working with new companies – this year we’ll see even more of them. Our hardware section is also outstanding this year, and I’m personally thrilled to see some of the great on-demand companies we have.
Aside from your company, what is your greatest success?
Aside from my companies, investments, etc. My greatest personal accomplishment would probably be ringing the closing bell at NASDAQ last year. It was a ton of fun.
Photo courtesy of Olivia Henkel via Twitter

Photo courtesy of Olivia Henkel via Twitter

What is one book you would recommend to everyone?
What is one app that all FoundersCard Members should be using?
Give us your best plug/brag a little about as to what you’re working on now/next.
Eh, I don’t want to brag, but you’ll be seeing me a lot more in Europe soon…. TechDay is growing!
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