Hidden Gems for the Avid Traveler with Jac White, CEO of Savoteur

Jac WHite, CEO of Savoteur

Jac White
CEO of Savoteur

Jac White is the CEO of Savoteur, a digital publication celebrating what makes cities rich and unique. Savoteur, formerly Daily Secret, has a global team of editors and contributors to gain an insider’s perspective on the relevant people, places and things-to-do around the world.

Jac has grown up in fashion and media – worked at A|X Armani Exchange, NYTimes.com, DailyCandy and most recently LearnVest. She’s loves to travel and explore the best that each city has to offer – has always had a deep desire to explore, discover and share her findings with her social network. Jac has been a FoundersCard Member since 2015.

The premise of Savoteur is to provide members with daily tips to make the most out of life and experiences. How did this idea come to fruition?

We rebranded our company as Savoteur this month. Previously, we were Daily Secret; the first global daily email newsletter, publishing in over 40 cities and 6 continents. Savoteur is still the best source to discover where to go and what to do in your favorite cities. With the rebrand, we have a stronger platform for our contributors to tell stories and we are able to cover more cities, more people and more content formats.

Savoteur is your source of information on how to make the small moments in life (a dinner with friends, an art gallery exhibition, a weekend trip) something to savor. How to create memories to last a lifetime.

What type of content can readers expect?

Recommendations on where to eat, drink and shop; photos that inspire you to travel and what to do when you get there; behind the scenes of your favorite music festivals; interviews with emerging creatives around the world. Our network of contributors and tastemakers is the best at uncovering the heartbeat of their respective cities.

Our motto is Discover. Inspire. Experience. Share. I hope that’s what people feel and do when they come to Savoteur.

Where is your favorite hidden bar or sign-less restaurant? How did you find it?

Can’t choose just one!

I love Le Syndicat in Paris: a true, local, Parisian speak-easy. It looks like an abandoned storefront with old posters covering it on the outside, but inside you’ll find a super chill vibe and amazing cocktails. Aristotelis Makris, the head mixologist, created a chocolate-inspired cocktail for us this past February. Our Paris contributor, Nicky, was the first to tell me about Le Syndicat!

Libertine in Miami. There aren’t many after, after-hours places in Miami, so Libertine is a good find. Decor is very vintage, an English watering hole. The cocktails are strong, the music is good and the people are beautiful. Welcome to Miami.

Le Syndicat

Le Syndicat

How is Savoteur different from other resources for avid travelers?

Savoteur is for the people who love traveling like a local and for actual locals. Our network of “Savoteurs” are insiders and storytellers — a carefully selected group of individuals within fashion, film, art, music, nightlife and food.  Savoteur contributors are deeply connected to their city and tastemakers. People like Gianluca Longo, who works with fashion brands around the world on creative direction and styling.  Andria Mitsakos, who runs a luxury travel and lifestyle PR firm.  Combined with our amazing editorial team, we have a unique perspective on what we cover.

Savoteur has a vast worldwide reach. How do you stay in tune with so many varying markets and locations?

Our readers are curious, mindful and hungry for new experiences that transcend location and cultural differences. It’s through this filter that we do everything: Is this story, video, photo gallery going to enhance the reader’s experience, provide value?

Our contributor network takes the sensibility of the Savoteur brand and makes it relevant for the local city, travel destination, interview or event coverage.

What is one book you would recommend to everyone?

The Creator’s Code by Amy Wilkinson. Amy interviewed the most successful entrepreneurs in various fields and identified 6 common skills she uncovered among the group.  An insightful, relevant and motivating read.

Apart from @savoteurco, who is someone we should be following on Instagram right now?

I’m crushing on @lucylaucht’s Instagram feed at the moment. She has a great eye, knows how to capture unique travel experiences and her photography is dreamy.

What is one app that all FoundersCard Members should be using?

I’m obsessed with Via Transportation, the ride sharing app. Via is only in NYC and Chicago right now, but I use it almost exclusively when I’m in New York. It’s just a little bit more than a subway ride, virtually door-to-door service and I can answer emails the whole time.

Could you give us your best plug/brag a little about as to what you’re working on now/next?

Stay tuned for big announcements in early 2016!  We’re working on a new project with leading emerging creative talent around the world and bringing them together with our readers in very cool ways. That’s all I can say for now!

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