Enhancing Private Aviation with Founder of Blue Star Jets, Todd Rome

Co-Founder and President
Blue Star Jets

Todd Rome has been involved in sales and marketing for nearly 20 years. In April 2001, Todd founded Blue Star Jets, with the goal of exploiting the inefficiencies in the private jet marketplace. Todd has been President of Blue Star Jets since its inception, during which time he has been the safety and security expert on CNN after 9/11, and has made numerous appearances on CNBC, FOX, and many other channels. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family at their home in the Hamptons.


You founded Blue Star Jets to create a model that would remove the inefficiencies currently experienced private jet marketplace. How is Blue Star Jets unique?

Our #1 goal is to make flying private more cost efficient and open it up to the masses. There are many instances when jets are on the ground, not in use, or when they are traveling empty one-way. This is why 15 years ago we created Blue Star Jets as a solution to these inefficiencies in the private jet marketplace. What also makes us unique is our ability to change your aircraft to meet your mission.

What is the challenge that Blue Star Jets poses to current private jet users?

Having close relationships with aircraft operators around the world allows Blue Star Jets to deliver an aircraft to our clients within 4 hours notice. On top of that, not only do our flight directors provide their clients with the choice of aircraft but they also customize every moment of their client’s trip from door to door. We believe that flying should be an enjoyable personalized experience; it should be much more than simply getting someone from point A to point B.

There are many different options offered regarding booking your flight. Can you briefly explain the Membership versus the flight share versus a charter flight?

Blue Star Jets offers an à la carte selection – pick the aircraft that best suits the mission and fly it without any commitment. For someone who is looking to fly once or twice a year, we offer the option to buy airtime hours on an as-needed basis. We provide our clients another option of purchasing a SkyCard which streamlines their booking and flying process. To acquire a SkyCard, a client only needs to input their payment and passport details one time after which they can expedite the process of getting from their door to the aircraft. For clients who prefer to minimize the costs of flying private, we also offer the possibility to request to Share A Jet with other clients traveling along the same route.

Where is your favorite place to travel, either for work or leisure?

Saint-Tropez in the South of France. The beaches are just unbelievable there and I love the laid-back lifestyle. When I first met my wife, to impress her I arranged for us to city hop via private jet through Europe with our final destination being Saint-Tropez…8 years later, we’re still happily married.

What is one item you cannot travel without?

Everywhere I go my Marlboro Reds travel with me.

Aside from your company/job, what is your greatest success?

Without a doubt, my children are my greatest success. There’s nothing like coming home after a long day at work to my family. My children inspire me every single day.

What is one book you would recommend to everyone?

Steve Jobs’ biography. My favorite quote from the book is “I’ve learned over the years that when you have really good people you don’t have to baby them. By expecting them to do great things, you can get them to do great things.” In the service industry in general, it’s all about the people; I make sure that every single person I hire is self-driven and has the right mindset to provide our clients with the best possible service out there.

What is one app that all FoundersCard Members should be using?

Our Blue Star Jets App! It’s now available in the App Store and on Google Play. Building off of our goal to make flying private more accessible and seamless, the app will allow FoundersCard Members to receive live pricing for their flight and customize their trip based on their unique wishes.

Give us your best plug/brag a little about as to what you’re working on now/next.

We’re taking over Chinese private jet market! We have been witnessing a dramatic increase of individuals flying privately in the China. In the coming years we plan on increasing our presence in the Chinese market and provide them with the most sustainable, cost-efficient means of flying private.

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