Accessing Premier Nightlife with InList Co-Founders Michael Capponi & Gideon Kimbrell

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Michael Capponi (left) & Gideon Kimbrell (right), Co-Founders of InList.

InList considers themselves “the new Uber for nightlife,” and is a mobile app for discovering and booking nightlife and special events reservations in dozens of cities around the world. We caught up with their co-founders to learn a bit more about the company and the inspiration behind it.


Over the last 25 years, Michael Capponi has moved between the entertainment, luxury real estate, and development worlds while dedicating himself to humanitarian causes. He has been involved in various charitable organizations, best known for his humanitarian efforts in Haiti. Michael has been a FoundersCard Member since 2015.


Gideon Kimbrell is a self-driven artist, entrepreneur, and software engineer who has passion for pushing limits, exploring new techniques and methodologies and creating quality products or pieces that leave a legacy. Gideon has been a FoundersCard Member since 2012.

What was your first entrepreneurial endeavor?

Michael: I got my start in nightlife as a teenager, hired to skateboard up and down South Beach’s Ocean Drive and pass out flyers to would-be partygoers. From there, I soon opened up Cameo in 1989 and Boomerang in 1990.

How does InList curate the events that are featured on the app?

Gideon: Our team works with a network of top nightlife and hospitality executives, club owners, and influencers from each city who consult on the hottest events and venues in their respective markets. We’re picky—we won’t send our users anywhere. It’s easy for people to be bombarded by an exhaustive list of things going on in any given city one night. Much more difficult is then identifying the handful of places or parties are actually worthwhile and trendy, particularly when traveling out of your home city. We’re in the business of doing this research, curating and narrowing for our users so they don’t have to.

How is InList revolutionizing the entertainment industry?

Michael: The entertainment and nightlife industries have evolved massively along with technological advances and the figurative shrinking of the globe. People, and DJs, move around much more. The number of entertainment options in any given market has multiplied a thousand fold. And yet although we’re in an information age, the way in which travelers and revelers discover and access their nightlife options in any given region hasn’t evolved along with the expansion of these choices. We saw a real need for both a definitive reliable guide for the jetsetter, and a seamless mobile platform for reserving access to the hotspots we recommend.

What does it take to be an InList Member?

Gideon: Anyone can download InList free of charge and use it both for informative purposes as to what’s “in” in any given city and to make reservations at these venues. To become an InList VIP member and gain access to a range of special events, from awards shows to championship sporting events or high-profile charity galas, users apply through the app and answer a few questions about themselves and their nightlife preferences.

What is the most memorable event you have attended?

Michael: Too many good ones to choose from, but maybe Madonna’s birthday party and housewarming at her home in Miami in the early 90s.

What is one of your favorite event venues?

Gideon: Here in Miami you can’t beat STORY on a Friday night, LIV on a Saturday night, and Seaspice on a Sunday afternoon.

Aside from your company/job, what is your greatest success?

Michael: The work we’ve done since the tragic earthquake in 2010 with my charity Haiti Empowerment Mission.

Apart from InList, what is one app that all FoundersCard Members should be using?

Gideon & Michael: For female FoundersCard members, we are big fans of InList partner Vênsette, a beautifully designed app for booking in-home luxury beauty appointments launched last year by Lauren Remington Platt. A perfect night out with InList for our VIP female users often begins with Vênsette.

What is one book you would recommend to everyone?

Michael: For founders I’d go with either The Lean Startup or The Founder’s Dilemma. We like to be scrappy, and Gideon and I owe some of our decisions to the thinking expressed by Noam Wassermann.

Give us your best plug/brag a little about as to what you’re working on now/next.

Gideon: We’re excited about our newly launched category InList Access, the international calendar of high-profile events we just launched for InList VIP members, giving them access to everything from awards shows, championship sporting events, celebrity hosted game nights, sold out concerts, to high-profile charity galas.

FoundersCard members are invited to request VIP membership upon downloading the Inlist app and entering invite code: FC1 for expedited membership review. InList app is available for download on Apple or Android here:
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