Travel-sized Beauty with Alexi Mintz, Co-Founder of 3FLOZ

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Alexi Mintz Co-Founder of 3FLOZ

Alexi Mintz
CEO & Co-Founder of 3FLOZ

Four years ago, Alexi Mintz alongside business partner Kate Duff, turned her travel dreams into reality when the duo created their e-commerce site, 3FLOZ. The website serves as the go-to destination for savvy business and leisure travelers looking for their favorite products in TSA-friendly sizes.

As CEO and Co-Founder, Mintz handles a majority of the brand development – working on the website structure, project management and merchandising. Alexi uses her creativity and innate business sense to progress the business and its marketing initiatives. Additionally, they are taking the company offline, expanding 3FLOZ into airports across the country and other high volume areas with their Automated Retail Stores.

Alexi’s knowledge stems from ten years in the cosmetics business, previously working at Archipelago Botanicals and Bond. No 9. Mintz was instrumental in developing Archipelago Botanicals original cosmetics line and served as a PR liaison for the company. At Bond. No 9, Alexi continued her ingenuity by working to expand the brand by continuing her work in brand and product development.

Alexi received a bachelor’s degree in Business from Skidmore College. She currently resides in New York, NY. Alexi has been a FoundersCard Member since 2010.

1. What was your inspiration in creating 3FLOZ?

My business partner and I traveled all the time for our previous company and realized, after many trips, there was not a convenient place to purchase all your travel sized products from the brands we used.

2. What was the best piece of advice you received at the beginning of this endeavor to create the one stop shop for TSA friendly beauty products?

Go with your instinct, every time.

3. Who is the most interesting person you have encountered in an airport?
Oh boy, I’ve met so many interesting people at the airport – the son who’s parents started The Cheesecake Factory was an interesting one!
 4. What are three things that you pack on each trip?
Socks (regardless of the climate), Macbook Air, Headphones, Air Repair Rescue Balm (multi use product). Is it really only limited to 3, I have a laundry list of what I pack for every trip, ha!
 5. You recently introduced airport kiosks. What was the hardest part about getting 3FLOZ past the screening and security and into airports?
We have been very lucky, the stores have been well received by the airports and we’ve had very little trouble securing locations. I think 3FLOZ fills a void that the airports knew they needed and we showed up at the right time.
 6. What is your one airport or travel pet peeve?
People who sit in the lounge talking on their cell phones in the ‘no cell phone’ area.
 7. What is one book you would recommend to everyone?

Beautiful Ruins

 8. Who is someone we should be following on Twitter right now?
9. Give us your best plug/brag a little about as to what you’re working on now/next?
Hmmm, locations, locations, locations and more stores!
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