Guide to Buying Your First Custom Suit

­­Every man can wear a suit, but not every man can look good in one. Therefore, suits should be made to fit your body perfectly. Once only for the rich and famous, custom suits are now more accessible than ever. Here are a few tips to get you started, so you never need to purchase a suit off the rack again:

Brush up on your suit nomenclature. Use the visual Guide to Your First Suit and you won’t be clueless when your tailor asks how many vents you want, if you wish to have a flower loop, or what width you prefer your lapel to be.

Know what you want to look like ahead of time. Have an image of yourself in mind of how you want to look and what venue or event you picture yourself at while wearing your suit.

Go for the interior pocket. It’s not just the exterior that counts. Make sure your suit has this hidden detail and you will thank yourself later.

Accessorize appropriately.  One suit quickly becomes two when you learn how to dress it up or dress it down. Stay fashion forward by adding matching cufflinks and complimentary color-coordinated ties.

If you are uncertain about ordering custom clothes online, our partner Indochino is bringing its pop-up shop to New York City again this month, July 12-28 in the Meatpacking District. Along with offering custom stylists and tailors on site who will take your measurements, you can sample and review their current collections and accessories in order to get a feel for which fabrics you prefer.

As a special offer for readers of The Founder, if you pre-book HERE, your custom suit purchase will include a free complimentary gift set, including cuff links and a tie clip, valued at $80.  Limited quantities available.

The best suits are those that fit you properly.

Indochino Traveling Tailor comes to NYC

Address: 29 Little West 12th St., New York
Store Hours:
Mon – Fri: 8am to 8pm
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