Ten Questions with Kitchit CEO Brendan Marshall on Bespoke Dining

A Kitchit dinner in New York with chef Ty Kotz
Brendan Marshall, CEO & Founder of KitchIt

Brendan Marshall
CEO & Co-Founder of KitchIt

Brendan is the Co-founder & CEO of Kitchit. Prior to Kitchit, Brendan was a founding employee of Perella Weinberg Partners in their advisory group. He earned his BA from Fordham University and his MBA from Stanford University. In 2011, he was named one of Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30.”  Brendan has been a FoundersCard Member since 2011 and provides other Members access to preferred pricing on Kitchit services.

1. When launching Kitchit, what was the best piece of advice that you received?

Building a company is a marathon and not a sprint. That advice has enabled us to focus on our vision rather than quick wins. While counterintuitive, this approach has enabled us to move faster than I ever thought possible.


2. FoundersCard Members are eager to try Kitchit in all corners of the world; what cities might we see next on the menu?

We will be expanding to most major cities in the US this year. We prioritize based on the amount of requests we get from each city so you’re welcome to email us at support@kitchit.com or post to our Facebook at facebook.com/KitchitNational.

3. Whereas they say that most restaurants fail in the first year, what will drive Kitchit to succeed years down the road?

Our ability to deliver an incredible food experience that our members can trust. Whether it’s a dinner with friends, a catered party or local event our success is defined by the quality of these experiences.

4. What is the biggest obstacle that you overcame to get Kitchit to where it is today?

We know how to deliver an amazing dining experience so the biggest obstacle is introducing people to the service. Our member community has been incredible in helping spread the word so we created a neat referral program that helps them receive credit towards their next event.

5. Given your past as an investment banker, and your current role, what do investment banking and cooking have in common (if anything)?

I would say both are about executing on a process as quickly and efficiently as possible without compromising on the product. The biggest difference is the amount of creativity and passion that goes into cooking. Food really is an art form where chefs are the artists, which is a sharp contrast to the world of finance.

6. There are several Kitchit Local Events coming up in the Bay Area. What inspired the idea behind them, and how do you go about planning and executing these culinary social events?

Many of our chefs have a restaurant and even more aspire to one day create their own. Local Events is a fun way to help showcase their talents and give our members access to “restaurants” they can’t find elsewhere.

7. How do you go about curating the best chefs in the business?

We have an application process that begins on our site that helps us understand a chef’s qualifications. Without question, a chef’s passion for cooking is the most important element in our decision making process.

8. Have any bizarre or memorable incidents occurred at a recent dinner party?

One of our members recently proposed to his girlfriend and hired a Kitchit chef for the occasion. They went on a hike and at the top of the mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean was a table for two with champagne. Once he proposed a chef came out and served her favorite dishes. Kitchit exists to create joy with food, meaningful experiences that create lifelong memories. It’s stories like this that inspire us to work harder each day.

9. What is one startup that FoundersCard members should keep an eye on in 2013 (other than your own)?

One company I am really excited about is Thanx. Loyalty is a space crowded with companies that don’t help retailers or make customers lives better. Thanx has a mobile app that makes everything seamless and 2013 will be a big year for them.

10. With so many people eating on-the-go, eating at their desks or incorporating technology into their meals, how does Kitchit deliver a truly authentic dinner party experience?

We seem to be busier than ever and it can be hard to find the time to share a meaningful moment with those we care about. A dinner party is a timeless and global tradition where we share food and connect with one another. Kitchit enables you to create these moments effortlessly by connecting you with an incredible chef that will take the work out of your next dinner party.


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