The Ace Hotel is the Place (For Entrepreneurs)

The Ace Hotel has become the place to be for hustling entrepreneurs in New York, or others just passing through New York.  On any given day, you may hear a company founder pitching their company to a VC while huddled around the glowing Retina display of a MacBook Pro, or you may catch a glimpse of two established entrepreneurs closing a business deal over StumpTown Coffee that you’ll read about on TechCrunch in a few days.  The bustling lobby of the Ace Hotel has become synonymous with New York’s Silicon Alley as the place to be seen.

The long, communal tables invite conversation and networking, while the couches or connected restaurants, the John Dory and The Breslin, provide great escapes for a private meeting.  A unique feature of the Breslin restaurant are its private booths with server call buttons that allow you to close a curtain for absolute privacy, along with charging docks at each table to keep all of your important devices charged, so you can always keep your business running and growing.  The food is also exceptional, with a true snout to tail experience for even the most adventurous of foodies.

As the day progresses, many faces will stay the same, but the Stumptown Coffee that keeps people grinding all day is replaced by the bespoke cocktails that The Breslin and its lobby bar have to offer.  Seth Kravits, the Founder of Technori, explains, “The lobby is a coffee shop by day (Stumptown) and a pretty damn awesome night spot by nighttime.  Never really seen anything like it in Manhattan.”  As Kravits notes, when the laptops close, the night begins and the hands of members are filled with beers like their Spotted Pig Bitter, made exclusively for the bar, or a refreshing Garden Tonic, Hendrick’s Gin with cucumber, celery bitters, and tonic.

Of course, the lobby is attached to the Ace Hotel’s comfortable rooms that support FoundersCard Members with a home away from home on a regular basis.  With amenities like large refrigerators, guitars or record players in each room, and enough room in their suites to host several employees, or groups for a meeting, the Ace is truly one-of-a-kind.  As Justin Jarvinen, Founder & CEO of BCKSTGR said, the Ace Hotel has a “Super vibrant lobby and the rooms are basic, yet comfy.  And I agree, late night is hoppin’.”